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Nidaa Shaikh, Psy.D.

Nidaa Shaikh
Approach: When working with students, Nidaa utilizes a strength-based approach in which she integrates interpersonal and cognitive approaches with mindfulness-based interventions. she views students in the context of a multicultural framework which acknowledges that students have been and are constantly being influenced by the sociopolitical climate around them.
She strives to collaboratively work with students to create a safe and empathic environment, enabling students to explore how the past has shaped them and how it continues to affect their choices in the present. Instead of automatically responding to their environment, this increased self-awareness empowers students to interact to situations and with others in a way that is truly reflective of their values and goals.
Clinical Interests:Her clinical interests include working with students of color and students from diverse religious backgrounds, international students, social justice, identity development, first generation college students, mindfulness, family of origin concerns, relationship difficulties and couples.
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